Why Should You Pay Your Agent Well


Why Should You Pay Your Agent Well

Extracted from “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert KiyosakiSometimes I see people posting a sign in front of their house that says, “For Sale by Owner”. Or I see people on TV claiming to be “Discount Brokers”.

My rich dad taught me to take opposite approach. He believed in paying professionals well, and I have adopted that policy also. Today, I have expensive attorneys, accountants, real estate agents and stockbrokers. Why ? Because if, and I do mean if, the people are professionals, their service should make you money. And the more money they make, the more money I make.

We live in the information age. Information is priceless. A good agent should provide you with information, as well as take the time to educate you. I have several agents who do that for me. Some taught me when I had little or no money, and I am still with them today.

What I pay an agent is tiny in comparison with what kind of money I can make because of the information they provide. I love it when my real estate agent or stockbroker makes a lot of money because that usually means I made a lot of money.

A good agent saves me time, in addition to making me money-like when I bought a vacant land for $9000 and sold it immediately for over $25000, so I could buy my Porsche quicker.
An agent is my eyes and ears in the market. They’re there every day so I do not have to be. I’d rather play golf.

People who sell their house on their own must not value their time much. Why would I want to save a few bucks when I could use that time to make more money or spend it with those I love ?What I find funny is that so many poor and middle-class people insist on tipping restaurant help 15 to 20 percent, even for bad service, but complain about paying an agent three percent. They enjoy tipping people in the expense column and stiffing people in the asset column. That is not financially intelligent.

Find an agent who has your best interests at heart. Many agents will spend the time educating you, and they could be the best asset you find. Just be fair, and most of them will be fair to you. If all you can think about is cutting their commisions, then why should they want to help you ? it’s just simple logic

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